Huge Event Announcement: “Liberty on Lockdown”

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Huge Announcement!

The first webinar of its kind to happen in the United States. It’s an idea whose time has come.

This a live video webinar and space is limited.

“Liberty on Lockdown – Freedom in the Midst of a Crisis”

This is happening next Saturday, April 25, and we believe it will be a significant driving force in impacting governments internationally to make decisions that will bring about more freedom and create an execution plan that is more healthy and less dangerous than what is being prescribed.


Facebook event page:

Check out these speakers and contributors, including U.S. Congressman Andy Biggs who has been the most prominent voice of reason on the hill, along with two doctors (M.D.), a U.S. presidential speechwriter, top litigators including one representing a business in PA that has been shutdown, some of the foremost liberty advocates, economists, and so much more.

First of its kind – one of a kind!


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Cost is $19.95 to get access to the live webinar and will include a signed copy of one of my books on freedom. Go through the book you’ll receive, and you’ll know and understand more than 95% of the population.

Come join the first webinar of its kind to happen in the United States and spread the word.

It’s time for you and me to drive this discussion and not the politicians and doctors whose projections and guesses have been dastardly and nothing close to the reality.


Facebook event page:

Seeking the Truth in the Midst of COVID-19


I am not retreating!

I have received hundreds and hundreds of encouraging posts and messages to move forward with the “Liberty on Lockdown” webinar scheduled for ‪Saturday, April 25‬.

This intense webinar will deal with the interplay between COVID-19 and freedom. Indeed, it is moving forward (and the details will be announced shortly).

I’ve also received messages from people who have told me I am wrong. Some messages have disavowed friendships, been threatening in nature, brought my family into this, and have asked me not to move forward in hosting this webinar with some of the top advocates in the country.

I took an oath twice to uphold and defend the Constitution, and that oath has never been suspended. More than that, my personal belief is that I’m under covenant with God to defend the document. That’s a deeply held personal belief, but one that I believe I will be held accountable for.

We all have to decide where we stand on issues, but I can assure you of one thing. Not one of my friends or family members will ever be cut off or disavowed because we might disagree – in some cases, passionately disagree.

Some of my closest friends are individuals who agree with me on very little, and some of those friends disagree with me on this. But we still love and appreciate one another. That’s just called being a decent human being.

Our lives are one big journey, and we’ll have eternity to think about them. We are all human beings trying our heartfelt best to do what we think is right, and what I think is right here may sting.

I’m not ok with our supreme law (U.S. Constitution) and the inherent rights of the people being suspended. It doesn’t matter if the majority agree or government officials convince you otherwise, it’s not something I can buy into.

Documents like the Constitution mean very little in peacetime. Their strength and validity are always tested in times like these.

Over the last week, I have received private messages that have claimed that I am a “killer” because I will not isolate in accordance with the recommendations – not orders – recommendations in Arizona.

We all want the same thing – health and safety and freedom. I respect the differing positions out there.

My position is that those recommendations are the groundwork for unconstitutional, freedom-threatening, long-term consequences that are not acceptable to me.

In addition and importantly, my position is that those isolation recommendations are less healthy and more dangerous for my family, those who are otherwise healthy, and for those who are truly threatened by the virus. I believe that my actions are more effective in helping eradicate the virus.

I’ll end here with one final thought as we prepare to launch the official announcement of next week’s webinar. It’s a quote by a good friend and attorney colleague, Nick Dranias.

“There are things worse than death – like selling out all of your principles to preserve a modicum of safety when standing for liberty would have made the difference. Imagine how disgusted your future self will be.”

Stay tuned for the official announcement!