Becoming a Full-Time Freedom Advocate

I have received hundreds of messages over the last several years asking how one positions themselves to fight for freedom on a full-time basis. It’s a great question and one I struggled with for many years as a young professional.

One option is to find a cause you believe in and work for an entity that promotes that cause. However, I think the better choice is to have the freedom to do whatever you feel you have been called to do without the restrictions of an employer’s demands, etc. Let me explain.

I knew at a very young age that I would be involved in the freedom battle. For the last 20 years, I’ve discovered that there is no entity out there that aligns perfectly with what I feel called to do, namely engage in the cultural side – not the political – of this battle. That doesn’t mean I have not or will not combine efforts with those various causes. It only means I refuse to be tied down.

More than that, I am not interested in having a job. I don’t want to just talk about freedom. I wanted to be free to do what I am passionate about without the limitations of money or other resources.

I did what so many professional freedom advocates throughout the world have done. I became a network marketer, created residual income, and now travel the world moving the message of liberty. If you are serious about being on the front lines, you must figure out the money game required to perform at a high level.

Just something to think about as we focus on bringing about more freedom.

Check out this video outlining a little bit more about my story: Becoming Free

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